INFORISE Industrial Battery Chargers are designed to supply reliable DC current for power station, substation, switchgear and industrial Dc load applications. It is able to charge and protect all type of batteries such as Ni-Cd, vented and sealed Lead-Acid.

 Input 1phase or 3phase
 Output 12VDC-24VDC-48VDC-110VDC-220VDC up to 600A
 Adjustable Timer For Boost Charging
 Adjustable Boots and Float Charge Voltages
 Adjustable output current
 External alarm Contacts
 Modular Design
 Electronic Over / Under Voltage, Over Current Protection
 Short Circuit Protection
 Isolated Output by Transformer
 Parallel / Series Connection
 User-Friendly LCD Control Panel
 Double Display for Voltage and Current
 Input Filter and Over Voltage Protection
 Internal Over Temperature Protection
 Compatible with international standards
 1 year full warranty
 Warranty of 10 years for spare parts supply
 Experienced technical service and customer support
 Designed and manufactured under ISO9001 certification