Power Range: 10-200 kVA

INFORISE MAGICLIGHT Serie 3/3 phase UPS are designed and produced to supply and protect networks, communication systems, scientific computer systems, intelligent engineering measuring devices and industrial automation systems.

Advantages & Specifications

 CPU Controlled Double-Conversion and PWM technology
 Galvanic Isolation Transformer included
 Up to 92% efficiency
 Parallel mode operation (Optional) (hot standby, redundant or symetric parallel)
 Pure sinewave output
 Emergency stop utility built-in
 Advanced front panel (LCD and 5 buttons) provides, monitoring detailed information and setting user selectable parameters
 Input/Output voltage, frequency, load %, battery voltage, charging current, interior temperature and variable alarms can be monitored from LCD panel
 Alarm history (memory for max. 64 alarms)
 Static (STS) and Maintenance by-pass
 Calendar and time indicator
 Advanced Automatic and Manual battery test system
 Non-linear load driving capability
 Simulation mode for testing dry contact outputs
 Dial up modem direct connection and AT command set built-in RS232 and dry contacts for communication and remote monitoring
 Compatible with international standards
 1 year full warranty
 Warranty of 10 years for spare parts supply
 Experienced technical service and customer support
 Designed and manufactured under ISO9001 certification

Options & Accessories

12 Pulse rectifier module
 Additional battery modules for extension of autonomy
 UPS Management and System shutdown software compatible with popular operating systems (WIN 95/98/2000/NT/XP, Novell, Unix…… etc.)
 Wide Area Network management via SNMP
 Remote monitoring panel RM-2000
 Multiserver shutdown units US-4, US-8
 RS485 interface RSC-24 Solid physical structure