Power Range: 6-30 kVA

INFORISE SUNLIGHT Serie 3/1 phase UPS are designed and produced to supply and protect networks, communication systems, scientific computer systems, intelligent engineering measuring devices and industrial automation systems.

Advantages & Specifications

CPU Controlled Double-Conversion and PWM technology

Galvanic Isolation Transformer included

Up to 90% efficiency

Pure sinewave output

Static by-pass providing Uninterrupted transfer of the load to the mains in case of Overload or UPS fault.

LCD panel providing accurate detailed information about the Load, Batteries and UPS with advanced diagnostics.

64 recorded events history

RS232 and dry contacts for communication and remote monitoring

Input/output customization available

Compatible with international standards

1 year full warranty

Warranty of 10 years for spare parts supply

Experienced technical service and customer support

Designed and manufactured under ISO9001 certification

Options & Accessories

Additional battery modules for extension of autonomy

UPS Management and System shutdown software compatible with popular operating systems
(WIN 95/98/2000/NT/XP, Novell, Unix…… etc.)

Wide Area Network management via SNMP

Remote monitoring panel RM-2000

Multiserver shutdown units US-4, US-8

RS485 interface RSC-24 Solid physical structure